Fuel injected engines are paramount to the whole engine's performance, not only with respect to pollution, but also to performance, economy and the general driveability of the car.

As a Bosch Car Service garage Autobase have the tools, knowledge and parts to service and repair your entire fuel injection system ensuring we:

  • Keep the emissions from your engine to a minimum
  • Help your vehicle pass its next MOT
  • Maintain or improve fuel economy
  • Maintain or improve engine performance and
  • Maintain or improve the driveability of your car

About Autobase Manchester

You're in safe hands... As your local garage, we offer:

  • A warm and friendly welcome
  • Expert and honest advice

We’re a well established garage with a reputation for excellence, recognised by Bosch when it appointed us a ‘Bosch Car Service Centre.’ Up-to-date diagnostic equipment teamed with our highly skilled technicians ensures you receive our highest level of expertise.

We are MOT approved, members of the Bosch Car Service Network.

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