Autobase Manchester specialises in electrical diagnosis for charging, starter, battery or complex injection and ignition systems. 
Our electrical tests include:

Engine management systems

  • All types of ignition systems and vehicle electrics
  • ABS systems - test & adjustments to: speed sensors, modulators, relays, solenoids and pump assemblies
  • SRS systems - interrogating ECM units, fault codes, airbags, clock springs, warning light checks, crash sensors
  • General motor vehicle electrics
  • Central body electrics (central door locking systems) 

Should defects be discovered, we will let you know at once how much they will cost to rectify.

About Autobase Manchester

As your local garage, we offer:

  • A warm and friendly welcome
  • Expert and honest advice

We’re a well established garage with a reputation for excellence, recognised by Bosch when it appointed us a ‘Bosch Car Service Centre.’

Up-to-date diagnostic equipment teamed with our highly skilled technicians ensures you receive our highest level of expertise.

We are MOT approved, members of the Bosch Car Service Network.

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